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Timeshare Resale Companies - Stroman Realty, Inc.

  • Stroman Realty was established in 1979.

  • We operate independent of timeshare developer and resort control.

  • an online timeshare vacations catalog, containing sales, rental and exchange information on properties in timeshare resorts worldwide. 

  • Our RPMLS database of timeshare buyers and owners is thought to be the third largest in the world next to Resort Condominiums International (RCI) and Interval International (II) the two largest timeshare exchange companies.

  • All of Stroman's timeshare resale companies agents are Texas licensed and members of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). They represent the seller and this reduces fiduciary conflicts.

  • Our agents have mandatory continuing education requirements, (MCE), mandated by the Texas Real Estate Commission, (TREC) and receive specialized timeshare jobs training required by Stroman policy as Certified Vacation Specialists, (CVS).

  • We advertise in newspapers, travel magazines and trade journals and have mailed over four million pieces annually since 1990. That is over 80 million letters to people that have voiced an interest in timesharing. 

  • We cherish timeshare referrals. We cooperate with other timeshare resale companies and pay referral fees through our VacationWay© program offered to real estate licensees and the over 1.3 million members of NAR.

  • There has been a major improvement in the way new vacation timeshares and resale timeshares are sold since we entered the resort property resale business in 1979. Those improvements, which move timeshare resale companies away from its hard-sell tactics of the past, are well received and long over due. 

  • The value of a timeshare resale has grown substantially in the last five years proving demand is steady. At Stroman Realty, we plan to continue providing premium services for this expanding marketplace.

ü Member of NAR (The world’s largest professional association) since 1979
ü Member of ARDA ( U.S. ) from 1984 to 2010
ü Member of CRDA ( Canada ) from 1997  to 2010
ü Member of AMDETUR ( Mexico ) from 1995 to 2010

Our timeshare resale companies network of REALTORS® are here to help those that need or want to sell and know the ropes to navigate a contract through to closing, funding and the transfer of the owner’s usage rights at the resort.

Benefits of Stroman Realty and

  • Largest selection of timeshare vacation destinations worldwide for consumer one stop shopping.

  • Completed transactions for owners at over 1331 different resorts by December 2007.

  • One of the few timeshare resale companies that do service the majority of U.S. resorts that do not offer resale assistance to their owners.

  • Provide due diligence investigating timeshare title and escrow companies capable of closing timeshare resales.

  • Our sales provide new and excited owners that pay maintenance fees.

  • Timeshare resort knowledge base electronically accessible with sophisticated web based software by timeshare specialized licensed professionals that have resold timeshare vacations located in 47 states and 25 different countries.

  • Developed the web based .Net software for Customer Relations Management, CRM with a Transaction Manager, TM that facilitates escrow and closings all with access for agents, escrow department personnel and consumers. The system integrates fully with the phone switch, data, electronic files image server, direct mail and email servers for ultimate user ease and resulting efficiencies. The software has been praised as “top of the line” and “very comprehensive” by several industry experts.

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  1. Stroman Realty, Inc. has used its best efforts to ensure that the data contained in this Study reflects the most accurate and timely information available from its analysis of its own internal historical data.

  2. This Study is based on resales data, estimates and other information developed by Stroman Realty, Inc. from its independent research effort and general knowledge of the industry. Statements or references to timeshare property values or pricing are given for informational purposes only and are specifically not to be relied upon for any commercial purpose. Any usage of the same is not warranted or permitted by this author.

  3. In no event, regardless of whether Stroman Realty’s consent has been provided, shall Stroman Realty, Inc. assume any liability or responsibility to any third party for any purposes. This Study is for informational purposes only and is not intended to advise anyone or establish a business relationship.

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  5. All intellectual property rights (including, but not limited to copyright, database rights and trade marks rights) in this Study including any forecasts, drawings, spreadsheets, plans or other materials provided are the property of Stroman Realty, Inc.. This Study is provided solely for your use and benefit unless expressly permitted and then only in connection with the purpose in respect of which this Study is provided. Unless required by law, you shall not provide this Study to any third party without Stroman Realty’s prior written consent, which Stroman Realty, Inc. may at its discretion grant, withhold or grant subject to conditions. Possession of this Study does not carry with it the right to commercially reproduce, publish, sale, hire, lend, redistribute, abstract, excerpt or summarize this Study or to use the name of Stroman Realty, Inc. in any manner without first obtaining the prior written consent of Stroman Realty, Inc.

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