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Timeshare Study Contents : International Timeshare Sales Data

International Timeshares Sales Data

The two largest areas for selling international timeshares were Mexico and the Caribbean islands.

Graph #10 - Top Two International Timeshare Areas - Mexico & Caribbean Islands

Top Two International Timeshare Areas - Mexico & Caribbean Islands 

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Sales to international residents were low because the majority of our marketing budget is targeted to U.S. residents as stated previously. We have multiple bilingual personnel on staff and our website allows direct routing of web form purchase requests to agents with language skills of English, French, Spanish, and Italian.

Graph #11


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Graph #11 compared with Graph #12 shows that internationally residing purchasers bought less expensive international timeshares than the average timeshare resale. Graph #11 shows the number of units purchased and Graph #12 shows the dollar volume for the same five years. In every year, the dollar volume percentage was lower than the sales numbers percentage.

Graph #12


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2007 saw a significant rise in the average price of international timeshares. The average U.S. timeshare resale price at Stroman was $9,603 and the average international timeshare resale price was $11,831.

Graph #13 - U.S. vs. International Timeshares Average Resale Price

U.S. vs. International Timeshares Average Resale Price 

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Caribbean Timeshares

The average price of Caribbean timeshares increased by 150% at Stroman. Higher priced Marriott, Westin, and Harborside Atlantis timeshares helped to increase the average resale price. These resorts are in the top tier year after year.

Graph #14 - Average Resale Price of Caribbean Timeshares by Year

Average Resale Price of Caribbean Timeshares by Year 

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The Intrawest and Shell Resorts resales at Stroman dominated the top resale prices in Canada, especially for 2005. The top three resorts in Canada saw their best resale prices in 2005 and 2006. Intrawest Resorts enjoyed most of the top resale price increases during the five year period. When comparing Mexico and Canada , Canadian resale price growth increased over the five year period by 23%.

Graph #15


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Mexico Timeshares

In Mexico international timeshares, there was an increase in the resale price of approximately 9% over the five year period at Stroman.

Graph #16 - Average Resale Prices of Mexico Timeshares by Year

Average Resale Prices of Mexico Timeshares by Year 

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