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Timeshare Study Contents : Introduction of Findings

Timeshare Vacations & Timeshare Industry Findings

The National Association of REALTORS® 2007 Investment and Vacation Home Buyers Survey states there were 1.067 million units, of traditional vacation/second home properties purchased in 2006 which is up from 2005.

Statistics from the State of the Vacation Timeshare Industry: United States Study, 2007 Edition conducted by Ernst & Young, LLP for the ARDA International Foundation (AIF), states there were 538,000 new timeshare units purchased in the U.S. during 2006.

This means that 33.5% of all types of vacations properties sold were new timeshare properties.

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  1. Percentage of timeshare Weeks as part of the second home market.

    Graph #1A

    Breakdown of timeshare sales and traditional timeshare vacations property

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  3. Average Resale Price is Increasing

    In Graph 2 the average worldwide timeshare resale price at Stroman Realty has grown from $6,823 in 2003 to almost $10,000 in 2007

    Graph #2

    Average Timeshare Vacations resale price

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    It’s interesting that for the past 10 years the average U.S. timeshare resale price at Rii® Stroman rose 119%.

    The following graph 2A is the average U.S. timeshare resale price at Stroman Realty for all sales combined.

    Graph #2A

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  5. Resale Buyers, Like Original Developer Buyers Seek High Season Units

    The majority of timeshare vacations are classified as Prime time – high season. This is also the most desired time in which to own. The following graph depicts Worldwide Stroman’s sales compared to seasonality.

    Graph/Table #3

























    5 yr ave




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    We compiled Worldwide High season sale prices at Stroman by year and the result is the following graph. 

    Graph #4

    Avg. timeshare vacations resale price for High Season
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  7. Impact of Other Amenities on Sales

    Here are the Worldwide Stroman numbers for 1 bedroom vs. 2 bedrooms vs. all others.

    Graph #5

    According to the Ernst & Young survey previously referenced concerning new developments, “Two-bedroom units represent the most common size (63 percent), followed by one-bedroom (22 percent), three-bedroom or larger (nine percent), and studios (less than six percent).” 

    Timeshare resale buyers are acquiring units in roughly the same ratios of bedroom sizes as the developers are building.

    Worldwide Timeshare resale prices at Stroman are broken down by bedrooms in the next graph which shows the differences and the rapid growth in prices of both one and two bedroom timeshares.

    In 2007 the average price for a two bedroom resale timeshare at Stroman was $11,031 for high season and $10,963 all seasons.

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    Graph #6

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    In 2007, the two bedroom timeshare vacations resale prices increased faster and show a trend in demand and values for larger units.

    The next graph 6A is like 6 but the data is restricted to Worldwide “High Season.”

    Graph 6A

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