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Timeshare Study Contents : Types of Timeshare Resellers

Types of Timeshare Resellers

  • Developer, onsite, Homeowner Association (HOA) controlled owner & repossession resales, including financial institutional repossessions resales.
  • Advertising companies.
  • “Take the Week” or “Title Transfer” Companies
  • Resale Dealer
  • Some timeshare resellers are licensed independent timeshare resale brokers
          Local traditional
          National and international timeshare resale specialists.

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8a. Characteristics of Developer, Onsite, HOA and Institution Timeshare Resellers

  • These timeshare resellers are mostly on-site and subsidized by the resort.
  • Can charge high sales commissions to cover sales and marketing costs unless subsidized by the resort.
  • Some are sold for the cost of the closing to get a happy dues paying owner to replace the last non-paying one.
  • Does not penetrate the worldwide resale marketplace offering only limited inventory choices for consumers.
  • Most have access to units, resort owner information and resort staff.
  • Some control pricing

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8b. Characteristics of Advertising Companies

  • Offer Internet advertising services.
  • Some offer unlicensed brokerage services.
  • Beware of timeshare resellers that tell owners “Do it yourself & save commissions” in order to sell ads. Timeshare sellers can seldom do it themselves because of the complexities of closing requirements.
  • Usually transparent to regulators –real estate license not required if advertising only
  • Some are scam artists that provide no service to the seller
  • Lack a code of ethics unless a member of ARDA.
  • Most timeshare resellers of this type have little or no expertise or wherewithal to actually facilitate a sale.
  • Most buyers and sellers want to talk to a person to get advice. Such advisors are typically unavailable.

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8c. Characteristics of “Take the Week” or “Title Transfer” Companies

These companies tell owners the property they own is worthless. They paint a picture that timeshares are very hard to sell (which is frequently true), maintenance fees are rising, assessments will happen and they have something better to replace it. It only costs $1995-5000 with their timeshare property as a down payment and they will assume the responsibilities of the annual maintenance fees etc. and pay the closing costs. The problems arise when the maintenance fee billing comes due and they still have not closed the deal or even worse they put the timeshare in an offshore corporation that never pays the maintenance fees. The resort must foreclose and resell the unit to a responsible party in order to finally collect a maintenance fee. 

Some of these companies place the vacation timeshares traded in on auction websites for very low prices just to liquidate them before maintenance fees become due.

As noted in the February 15, 2008 edition of Street Talk – “You pay to get rid of the timeshare, a buyer pays them again, and they get more money in the closing process. Because they are willing to sell most of their inventory at rock bottom prices, this puts downward pressure on the whole resale market, which is not a good thing.”

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8d. Resale Dealers

Several timeshare resllers have formed to buy timeshare resale bargains and resell them at a profit. These efforts help eliminate surplus inventories and help resorts regain a happy dues paying owner.

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8e. Characteristics of Licensed Resale Brokers

These Timeshare Resellers will provide real estate services such as:

  • Marketing
  • Consulting
  • Brokerage
  • Most offer a full range of services and walk buyers and sellers from marketing through the negotiating, contracting, escrow, closing and funding.
  • Multi-jurisdictional reconciliation of transactions.

Standards Required of Licensed Independent Resale Brokers include:

  • State of licensure Mandatory Continuing Education.
  • Few are REALTORS® that have a Code of Ethics.
  • Fiduciary duties and agency laws.
  • Compliance with state & federal regulations.

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8ei. Characteristics of the Local Traditional Real Estate Broker

  • Not usually knowledgeable in the unique aspects of reselling timeshare properties (deed, right to use (RTU), seasons, points, proper contracting, etc.).  
  • Offers limited inventory choices to consumers.
  • Most are only able to target local buyers or sellers.
  • Prefers local traditional real estate transactions that yield much higher commissions at less risk.
  • Very low market penetration.
  • Has access to many owners and buyers in their geographic farm area where they work.

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8eii. Characteristics of Regional Timeshare Resellers & Real Estate Brokers

  • Located in resort areas or concentrates only on certain resorts.
  • Offer only regional inventory choices for consumers.
  • Limited market penetration.
  • Has local vacationer traffic for transaction possibilities.
  • Some of these timeshare resellers may have access to units, resort owner information, and resort staff (a type of subsidy.)
  • Usually experienced with closing properties only in their region.

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8eiii. Characteristics of National and International Timeshare Resale Brokers

  • Offers national and international timeshare resale property choices with Internet home shopping convenience for buyers which equates to selection, value and informed purchase decisions.
  • Knowledgeable in which timeshare title and escrow companies are capable of closing specific timeshare resorts globally. With large size and longevity you have more complete coverage and resort knowledge.
  • Provides solutions for timeshare owners/consumers through international and interstate commerce.
  • Early brokers like Stroman Realty pioneered these timeshare resale services and led the way for other timeshare resellers and the creation of a viable timeshare resale market.

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